[3/25 Webinar] Data Privacy Legislation in the Sunshine State


    Data Privacy Legislation in the Sunshine State

    Join us for a Webinar on March 25th at 12:00 pm ET, as we discuss the growing number of states across the country have enacted consumer privacy legislation in response to potential personal data misuse. Florida is now prioritizing data ownership and taking steps to safeguard consumers.

    Representative Fiona McFarland, with the Florida governor, and Florida Speaker of the House support, introduced a ground-breaking Consumer Data Privacy Bill in the Florida House of Representatives. Spirion has the privilege to sit down with Representative McFarland as she sheds light on standards established by House Bill 969.

    Discussion topics:

    • What does Florida's Consumer Privacy legislation mean for consumers?
    • The impact the bill may have on companies doing business in Florida
    • The progression of the bill as Florida joins the fast-growing number of states expanding the protection of consumer's right to privacy


    • Fiona McFarland, Member of Florida House of Representatives
    • Scott M. Giordano, V.P. and Sr. Counsel, Privacy and Compliance, Spirion

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